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terms & conditions

General Terms and Conditions for participation in the RMBRNDT.NU exhibition


Article 1. Purpose


The RMBRNDT.NU exhibition offers a platform for contemporary art inspired by Rembrandt van Rijn.


Article 2. The artwork


The artwork that you submit must comply with all legal requirements where applicable. The artwork cannot
contain hazardous materials, human tissue, vermin, or other dangerous substances. You indemnify
RMBRNDT.NU and all those involved in the organisation of RMBRNDT.NU against claims from third parties
in this regard.
Your artwork:
a) is inspired by Rembrandt
b) is a maximum of 280 cm high x 330 cm long and weighs a maximum of 20 kg
c) is a form of visual art in the broadest sense, such as a painting, drawing, photo, collage, graphic (print,
silk-screen print), sculpture, textile, or installation. We encourage the use of new art forms in which new
techniques are applied
If your artwork needs to be mounted on the wall, involves audio and/or visual display, or otherwise requires
some form of support, you are responsible for ensuring that the work can be displayed (also audiovisually)
by supplying the necessary implements for hanging the work, a pedestal, a projector, etc.


Article 3. Participation and registration requirements


1. The registration deadline for participation is 25 August 2019. The registration procedure as stated on the
website must be followed. An overview of important dates can be found on the website.
2. Anyone may participate.
3. There are no participation fees.
4. You may submit a maximum of 3 artworks.
5. If you create an artwork jointly with others, you may also submit individual artwork.
6. Participation is possible only through submitting a completed digital application form, which is available
on the RMBRNDT.NU website.
7. Artwork can only be submitted digitally. It is expressly forbidden to physically deliver or have your artwork
physically delivered to RMBRNDT.NU before the selection of works has taken place.

8. You are responsible for completing the digital application form in its entirety, including visual material.
You are solely responsible for any costs incurred in creating your artwork and visual material.
9. All exhibited works will in principle be offered for sale.
10. The organisation will receive a 50% commission on the sale of an artwork. Take this into consideration
when pricing your work.
11. Artists whose work is selected will be asked to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Article 4. Selection and exhibition


The first selection of artwork takes place through an evaluation of the digital submissions by an
independent selection committee consisting of RMBRNDT.NU team members.
2. If your artwork is selected in the first round, we will ask you to deliver your artwork to RMBRNDT.NU for a
second selection round, which will be adjudicated by a jury of art experts and RMBRNDT.NU team members.
The date of the second selection round will be determined by RMBRNDT.NU. Artwork selected in the first
round is NOT guaranteed to be included in the exhibition.
3. If the jury selects your artwork in the second round, we will ask you to make your artwork available for the
exhibition. It is not possible for you to pick up your artwork before the close of the exhibition.
4. RMBRNDT.NU intends to exhibit the selected works in Klaproos for a period of time to be determined.
The exhibition period is presently expected to be 3 October 2019 - 13 October 2019, but RMBRNDT.NU
reserves the right to change these dates.
5. RMBRNDT.NU reserves the right to exclude participants and/or artwork before, during and after the
6. RMBRNDT.NU has no obligation to exhibit your artwork if, for whatever reason, it cannot be
displayed, even if your artwork has been selected by the jury.
7. RMBRNDT.NU also reserves the right not to hold the exhibition of artwork or to end the exhibition before
the announced closing date. RMBRNDT.NU will only make such a decision if presented with a very
compelling reason to do so. RMBRNDT.NU accepts no liability for the consequences of not exhibiting the
8. During the exhibition of your artwork in Klaproos, RMBRNDT.NU will handle your artwork with the
necessary care. RMBRNDT.NU and Klaproos accept no liability for damage to artwork that occurs or
appears to have occurred during the time of its display in Klaproos, nor for loss, damage, or depreciation,
unless there is evidence of gross negligence.
9. In the event that artwork is not provided with equipment for hanging or installation, or if the hanging
equipment or installation system does not comply with the standards held by RMBRNDT.NU and
Klaproos, RMBRNDT.NU reserves the right to attach an alternative and appropriate form of hanging or
installation system to the artwork.
10. In the event your artwork is exhibited, you must collect it from Klaproos between the close of the
exhibition and the final collection date, to be determined by RMBRNDT.NU. After this final collection
date, RMBRNDT.NU reserves the right to move the artwork to its own location.
11. You are solely responsible for the costs and liability for transport and packing of artwork selected for
exhibition, as well as for any transport insurance. This applies to transport both before and after the
exhibition. Packing material for the artwork must be taken back after the artwork has been delivered.
When collecting artwork after the close of the exhibition, you must bring your own packing material to
Klaproos. RMBRNDT.NU will make available a space where artwork can be unpacked and packed.
12. During both delivery and collection of artwork, you must provide identification. In the event that someone
else will deliver or collect the artwork in your name, you must authorise this person to do so, and the
authorised party must be able to provide identification.
13. A work of art can be tested for safety, especially if it contains electrical elements.


Article 5. Intellectual property and rights


1. By submitting artwork, you guarantee RMBRNDT.NU that you are the rightful owner of the artwork and
that the artwork is your original creation that does not infringe on the rights of any third party, including
copyrights, design rights, and trademark rights. You indemnify RMBRNDT.NU against claims from third
parties who believe that you infringe upon their rights with your artwork or otherwise act unlawfully toward
2. If you are not the rightful owner of the artwork, you must inform RMBRNDT.NU and explain your
relationship to the rightful owner.
3. By submitting your artwork, you confer upon RMBRNDT.NU the right to:
a) exhibit your artwork for the entire exhibition, or part thereof, at the discretion of RMBRNDT.NU
b) use your artwork and digital images thereof for public relations and/or marketing purposes before, during,
and after the exhibition. Where possible, your name will be stated.
c) allow national and international press and media to make images of your artwork for publication.

d) use both digital and analog images of your artwork in all educational, informational, promotional, and
interactive expressions and platforms of and through RMBRNDT.NU, both in existing and future digital
environments and platforms.
e) distribute printed and digital publications made through or in the name of RMBRNDT.NU, including
exhibition catalogues, magazines, and books.
f) allow visitors to the exhibition to make photos of your artwork (individually or in combination with other
artworks) and to use these for all conceivable purposes, including sharing on social media.
RMBRNDT.NU accepts no liability if visitors use the photos they take for any and all commercial
purposes. RMBRNDT.NU is also not liable for any compensation to the artist for such uses. If necessary,
you agree to sign a separate statement of consent in order to establish the above rights.


Article 6. Results are binding


There shall be no discussion of the selection result and/or the considerations on which it was based.


Article 7. Miscellaneous


1. RMBRNDT.NU may, at its own discretion and without prior notice, supplement or change these Terms
and Conditions during the registration period.
2. Dutch law applies to these Terms and Conditions.



Frequently asked questions


How can I enter?
This can only be done through the application form at www.rmbrndt.nu.


For what kinds of work are you looking?
We are seeking work inspired by Rembrandt in a very broad sense. We encourage the use of new art forms
such as interactive audiovisual artwork, light installations, augmented and virtual reality, street art, and other
new applications and materials.


Until when can I digitally submit my work?
The closing date and time for the open call is Sunday 25 August 2019 at midnight.


When will I hear whether I have been chosen or not?
In the week of 9 September, we will announce which works have been selected for the second round and
which have not. You will receive an e-mail with this information.


Can I get a substantive response if my work is not selected for the second round?


When must I deliver my work for the final selection?
Between 20 September and 25 September.


Where must I deliver my work?
At a location to be determined.


When do I hear if I have been selected for the exhibition?
In the week of 30 September, we will announce the final selection.


When is the opening of the RMBRNDT.NU exhibition?
Thursday 3 October in Klaproos Amsterdam.


When does the exhibition close?
The final day of the exhibition is Sunday 13 October.


When must I pick up my unsold artwork?
You must pick up your artwork at Klaproos between 14-15 October.


May I be present during judging?
No. Judging takes place behind closed doors.


What do I need for delivering my artwork?
The original artwork, a valid form of identification and a certificate of authenticity for the sale. You must also
provide your artwork with an appropriate system for hanging and / or a pedestal.


Can someone else deliver my artwork on my behalf in the event if I cannot do it myself?
Yes, that is possible. You must authorise the other party to deliver your work, and s/he must be able to
provide valid identification.


May I come install my artwork myself in Klaproos if my work is chosen?
In principle, no. Our team will set up the exhibition. For certain installations or interactive installations, we
may ask you personally to set up your own work.


General questions


Is there a participation fee?
No; everyone may participate free of charge.


How do I price my work?
On the application form, you will list the sale price of your work excluding VAT. Take into consideration that
50% of the sale price is reserved for the organisation.
NB: costs for production, packing, transport, and insurance are paid by the participant; RMBRNDT.NU will
not reimburse these costs.


May I see the art of the other applicants?
No; only the jury can see all artworks.


How many artworks will be included in the exhibition?
The number of works that RMBRNDT.NU will exhibit depends on the types of works that the organisation
receives and the choice of the selection committee.


May I come to the opening, and may I bring guests?
Of course you are warmly welcome to the opening, and you may bring guests.


Is viewing the exhibition free?
Yes; the exhibition is free and accessible to everyone.


Can I change my application?
No. After the submission period closes on 25 August, you can no longer add to or change anything in your
submission, including via e-mail.


Should you have a question that is not answered above, feel free to contact us.


email        : rmbrndt.nu@gmail.com

whatsapp : +91 9818981193

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